Disappearing Four Patch Quilt Pattern

The Disappearing four patch Quilt block is a classic block that's great for beginners and it's one we've shared before! In this post we'll walk you through using a charm pack (Pre-cut 5" squares) to create a simple baby quilt.

Let's dive in! 

Download the Free PDF Quilt Pattern HERE
View the tutorial video HERE

To complete the top you will need one charm pack of your favourite collection or 40 five-inch print squares as well as 40 five-inch background squares. We recommend using a 1.8 stitch length and a 1/4-inch seam allowance throughout the project.

Sewing the Blocks 🪡

  1. Take two print 5" squares and two background 5" squares and arrange them so the print squares are on opposite corners. Sew together into two rows and press to the dark side. Sew the rows together making sure to nest the seams, to make one block.
  2. With right side facing up, cut the block 1 inch to the right from each sewn center seam. This should create 9 block pieces.
  3. Take the left middle piece and swap it with the right middle. Then take the top middle and swap with the bottom middle. Sew the pieces back together to create one block
  4. Repeat on your remaining 5" squares to make a total of 20 blocks.

Sewing the Top Together 🪡

  1. Lay our 5 rows of 4 blocks, either in the same direction or rotating the blocks 90 degrees.
  2. Sew the blocks into rows then sew the rows together to create the top!
  3. Create your quilt sandwich and quilt and finish as desired.



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