Sewing Basics: Sewing By Hand

Sewing by hand is a great way to try sewing without the cost of purchasing a machine. It requires minimal equipment, and is a great way to get creative. An invisible stitch or ladder stitch is easy to learn and great for finishing projects. 

For this stitch you'll need a needle, thread, and scissors.

Take your coordinating thread and cut a piece around two arm lengths or 25 inches long. Using shorter lengths of thread will help prevent tangles as you sew. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread.

Next, insert your needle from the back side of the fabric up through the fold of the seam. This will hide the knot inside your project. Insert your needle directly opposite to that stitch and make a stitch about ⅛ of an inch wide. Insert the needle into the fold on the opposite side and repeat until the hole is sewn shut.

With your needle still attached, tie a knot at the end of your stitch and pull your needle through to the wrong side of the fabric. Lightly tug on the thread to hide the knot inside your project.

And there you have it! Wasn't that sew easy?


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